How did you first get involved with Boise Modern Quilt Guild?
Linda: I got involved in the Boise Modern Quilt Guild after some of my friends went to the first QuiltCon. It sounded like so much fun I immediately planned on going the following year so of course I had to join the Boise Modern Quilt Guild first.

What’s your first memory of something related to quilting or sewing?
Linda: My Mom taught me how to sew and do other needle crafts. She was always sewing something. I started embroidering first, and then sewing clothes and quilting.

What’s your most memorable, or favorite, quilting project?
Linda: My favorite quilting project is whatever I am currently working on. Right now it is improv and I’m having so much fun!

What colors, shapes, fabrics do you gravitate to? What do you use most in your designs?
Linda: I love all fabric and colors but green is my fav and I like to make mostly simple designs.

Is there someone or something that has influenced your quilting?
Linda: Instagram has had a big influence on me the last couple of years. So many amazing quilters out there. Before that though it was the Sisters quilt show and taking classes from some great teachers there. My daughter lives in Bend so that makes it easy.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Linda: I would say that half of my stash was/is gifted or thrifted.

What do you do when you aren’t quilting?
Linda: When not sewing or long arming you can find me in the garden (flower or veg), walking, attending yoga classes, reading, going to happy hour with friends, cooking, and all the other stuff one must do, but that always comes last!

What’s the longest-lasting UFO in your collection?
Linda: I don’t have many UFO’s. Once I start a quilt I have to finish it. I do have some other projects that are mostly done like a couple of bags and small quilts that need special binding that are all patiently waiting for me to get back to them.

Do you have a preferred snack or beverage while you’re sewing? If so, what is it?
Linda: I like to drink tea when I am sewing unless it is after 4pm and then I might switch to wine. I mostly like it quiet so no recommendations on watching or listening to something from me. I usually don’t sew for more that a couple of hours at a time unless I go on a quilt retreat.