Member Spotlight: Kathy Stockton

We’re welcoming Kathy Stockton to the BMQG Board, where she’ll serve as our new Treasurer. In addition to the skills she brings to the board, Kathy’s sense of humor means she’s plain fun to be around.

How did you first get involved in with Boise Modern Quilt Guild?
Kathy: I became involved with the Boise Modern Quilt Guild through a friend from a quilting class. She invited me to a meeting and told me all about how modern quilting was so freeing, that there were no rules! Of course, she was wrong. There are always rules. Because my sister was heavily involved with the Boise Basin Quilters Guild, and I wanted to be involved with a quilting group separate from my sister, I decided to join the Boise Modern Quilt Guild, even if there are rules to modern quilting. I joined in the fall of 2012.

What’s your first memory of something related to quilting or sewing?
Kathy: My mother taught me how to sew in grade school and I did NOT enjoy garment sewing. Her mother and grandmother (my grandmother and great-grandmother) both made quilts, and that was what I wanted to do, but my mother was not supportive. This was back when garment sewing was a way to save money, so it was encouraged. I made my first quilt (tied) in my junior high home economics class, and gave it to my sister for Christmas.

What’s your most memorable, or favorite, quilting project?
Kathy: I started a quilt made from primary colors for a grand-nephew and decided that I wanted to keep it, which I did. I had fallen in love with the fabrics and the backing fabric. I entered it at the Western Idaho Fair and won a first place blue ribbon. Now I can’t even use that quilt since it’s an award-winning – with the ribbon firmly attached – quilt!

How would you describe your quilting design style or aesthetic?
Kathy: I like using patterns but when I have fabrics that I like together, I have been known to design my own quilt. If I find a pattern I like, I will make that quilt until I get tired of the design. I like the idea of triangles more than the execution of triangles. Because I have my quilts finished by my long-arm quilter, I have learned that a smaller quilt is less expensive to quilt, so I mostly make lap size or twin size quilts, although I will make larger quilts for special occasions, like weddings or graduations.

What colors, shapes, fabrics do you gravitate to? What do you use most in your designs?
Kathy: I basically do my own thing, which is apparently purchasing fabric. HA! I enjoy bright fabrics but sometimes I am drawn to colors that aren’t nearly that bright, which always surprised me. I am drawn to Alexander Henry fabrics although lately I’m finding that there actually are other designers out there that I like. My sister is drawn to very different fabrics, generally more subdued colors, and I am constantly amazed that we have such different tastes.

Is there someone or something that has influenced your quilting?
Kathy: The two people that have influenced my quilting the most are Teri Brown and my quilter, Ronald. Teri convinced me to buy a Bernina Quilters Edition sewing machine, and I began taking classes at Quilt Crossing, including her Project Runway class, where you worked on any garment or quilting project, and she was there to help you. One of the classes I took was Ronald’s Open Sewing class, and that class gave me the time and confidence to branch out to designing my own quilts rather than just buying kits. That class and his help more than anything else helped me to become the quilter I am today.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Kathy: I generally give away every quilt I make and also have given away my left kidney.

What do you do when you aren’t quilting?
Kathy: I should say organizing my fabric or cleaning my house, but probably reading books or watching television with my husband. I also sing with the Boise Phil Master Chorale and play violin in the Serenata community orchestra.

What are you working on now?
Kathy: I tend to work on one project at a time unless something intervenes like a wedding quilt or other time-sensitive project. I am starting back on a quilt I am making for my husband’s oldest niece and her husband. It is a kit I bought over 2 years ago and have everything cut out. I’m to the part where I have to make half-square triangles.

What’s the project that you always intended to do (quilting or otherwise) but haven’t yet?
Kathy: I started digitizing all my parents’ slides into a digital format over 10 years ago. There must be 30 or 40 boxes with about 100 slides in each box. I have a contraption that allows me to upload 4 slides at a time. I do intend to get back to this project, but after I scan all my printed photos and upload those for my daughter-in-law.

What’s the longest-lasting UFO in your collection?
Kathy: I generally finish one project before I start another one, but I do have some pillow cases that I started back in 2010. The idea was to make pillowcases to go with the wedding quilt I made for my son and daughter-in-law. Someday I will finish them.

Do you have a preferred snack or beverage while you’re sewing? If so, what is it?
Kathy: I try not to eat anything when I am quilting or sewing, but I always have a glass of water. Not very exciting, but keeps me hydrated. And if I spill water, it’s not a big deal.

What do you listen to or watch while you’re sewing? Do you have any recommendations to share?
Kathy: Because I tend to listen rather than watch, I like to “watch” shows that I have seen before. I recently finished re-watching all the seasons of Downton Abbey. I also like to “watch” silly shows that don’t require my full attention, such as Brooklyn 99, or Corner Gas. I’ve seen all the Corner Gas episodes but will start over at the beginning because they are pretty funny. If you haven’t seen Corner Gas, I highly recommend it. It’s a Canadian television show set in Saskatchewan, and is available on IMDB television or I have all the DVDs if anyone would like to borrow them. I also enjoy Spongebob Squarepants.

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