BMQG quilts go to organ donors’ families

Thanks to Matt Coffin, RN of Cascade Life Alliance for passing these quilts to local families of deceased organ donors.  Matt and his colleague from the St. Alphonsus Chaplain’s office expressed gratitude and appreciation on behalf of families — these quilts become family heirlooms and tangible reminders of the deceased donor.
Do you have a quilt to share with a donor family?  Here are some helpful guidelines:
  • size: lap size quilts are best; this size ensures that the quilts are never too big to interfere with patient management while in the hospital; a suggested size range might be 36″-40″ wide x 45″-50″ long
  • colors & themes: there are considerably more male donors in our area, so consider gender-neutral designs and colors (green, blue, red, brown, orange, low-volume), and red-white-blue for veterans; there is less need for pinks and florals
  • wash and label: please wash your finished quilt and add a BMQG label (available at meetings)
  • a few other things: please no religious symbols, logos, political references, etc.;no need for children’s fabrics or designs

Bring completed quilts to monthly meetings, and if you need batting for any community giving quilts, please let Millissa Masters know.

Finally, if you haven’t already, please consider becoming an organ donor yourself.

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