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Dues Updates

We hope you had a good Thanksgiving holiday, and we’re thankful for your participation in the guild! A few notes and updates:

Renew by Dec. 8: A reminder to renew your annual membership soon. Dues are $20/year; renew or join by December 8. You have two payment options:

1) go to the Boise Modern Quilt Guild Membership page and use the PayPal form to pay online, or

2) mail a check to Shelly Harshman, 1196 W Bear Track Drive, Meridian, ID 83642. Please make checks payable to Boise Modern Quilt Guild. (You can also bring a check to our Dec. 3 meeting)

Changes to dues starting in 2023: Membership dues will change to $25 beginning on January 1, 2023. (Renew now and save a few bucks!)

  • The change in dues represents the first increase since the Boise MQG was established in 2010. The board voted unanimously on November 18, 2022, to increase the annual dues by $5, with a potential $5 increase every year for the next couple years to meet the needs of the guild. (We’ll provide more details about this at our Dec. 3 meeting.)
  • Membership to BMQG includes automatic membership to the national Modern Quilt Guild (a $35 value), which includes access to hundreds of patterns, QuiltCon perks, shopping discounts, online events and more.
  • Local MQGs pay a flat annual fee based on the number of members in their group. As our guild has grown, the amount we send to national MQG has increased to $840 — for 2022 that’s about $17 of each member’s dues — and is our guild’s single largest expense. The immense value we receive from this affiliation provides all of us access to MQG information and programs, and notably, our guild’s designation as a 501 (c)3 charitable organization.
  • Your BMQG board members work continually to use guild funds judiciously — keeping costs low (e.g., finding no-cost meeting room options) while spending money for programs that align with our mission (e.g., bringing in guest speakers and purchasing batting for community donation quilts).

Dec. 3 Annual Meeting: We look forward to seeing you on Saturday for our annual business meeting (including board elections and 2022 Review) and amazing guest speaker Tara Faughnan!

  • When: Saturday, Dec. 3, 10:15 a.m. – 1:30 p.m. (Please note start time; the library opens at 10:00 a.m., and we’ll allow a few minutes for everyone to settle into the meeting room.) Tara joins us at 11:30 a.m.

Please let us know if you have any questions, and see you on Saturday!
BMQG Board

Quilt Camp!

We had a great time at Quilt Camp — which you know if you were there, and if not we hope you’ll be there next time! A big hearty thank you goes out to Luther Heights for their amazing hospitality, terrific facility, and delicious food!

Here’s what some of our attendees said when we asked what they liked best, and what could be improved:

“Delicious food” (“agree”)

“Great location & atmosphere in the lodge”

“Food, organized, everyone’s friendly”

“Longer! Longer!”

“More days!”

“More mixer / group activities”

Member Spotlight: Anne Barnes

Anne joined the Guild last year and brings with her a wealth of quilting and sewing experience, including a certificate in Fiber Arts! Plus she’s an avid reader and involved with lots of other interests. 

How did you first get involved with Boise Modern Quilt Guild?
Anne: We moved to Boise last August. I’ve belonged to quilt guilds in most of the cities I’ve lived in. I find it a great way to make friends!

What’s your first memory of something related to quilting or sewing?
Anne: I took the mandatory Home Ec in junior high and made a blouse. And didn’t touched a machine for a long time. In my 30s I lived in the Seattle area, and my best friend said, “Hey there is a quilting class, we should take it.” It was hand quilting so no machine required. I was very skeptical that I would like, but we gave it a go. I loved making my first quilt. Made a second one similar to it, because practice helps me really learn. Bought a sewing machine. And I am still good friends with all of the ladies that were in the class.

What’s your most memorable, or favorite, quilting project?
Anne: The most challenging thing I ever did was to get my certificate in Fiber Arts from the University of Washington. It was a year-long program for which you had to apply. After the first few weeks I was sure I wanted to quit, but the professor talked to me about it and explained that being uncomfortable with the program was part of what made you grow in your art, and to stick it out. The program culminated with putting one piece in a gallery show. The piece that I made was an Andy Warhol type of piece with nine versions of a face within a fingerprint. It was hands-down the most complicated thing I have ever done.

How would you describe your quilting design style or aesthetic?
Anne: As is true for most of us, I’m sure, it has evolved greatly, and is continuing to evolve. I love free form quilting without rules. I don’t typically make blocks any longer. I love expressions with color and movement. Lots of applique.

What colors, shapes, fabrics do you gravitate to? What do you use most in your designs?
Anne: Bright colors, things that contrast. I mostly work in cotton, but I’m open to anything.

Is there someone or something that has influenced your quilting?
Anne: More than I could mention.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Anne: So many things (ha ha)
1. I owned a squirrel monkey when I was a child.
2. I have lived in Chicago; College Station, Texas; Wichita; San Diego; Silverdale, Seattle and Kirkland, Washington; Melbourne and Sydney Australia; Las Vegas; Dallas; and now Boise. No – I am not in the military, I just like new adventures.
3. I owned a quilt shop in Silverdale, Washington. I absolutely loved it, but ended up having to close it.

What do you do when you aren’t quilting?
Anne: Moving a lot ha ha. I love to travel. We really enjoy playing board games. We try to get out and explore where we live. I enjoy riding my bike. I have a garden this year. Most of all I love to read and will read between 1-3 books a week.

What are you working on now?
Anne: I’m finishing up a 365 block applique quilt. I purchased the kit when I was in Las Vegas with the idea that I’d get it done in a year. As of today, I have 10 blocks left to sew down and then complete the borders.

What’s the project that you always intended to do (quilting or otherwise) but haven’t yet?
Anne: In January 2020 I set goals for myself to do two quilts, one to enter and one to just do. I wanted to make a quilt to celebrate my grandmother and make a quilt based on the Beatles song Blackbird. Then of course the pandemic hit, and in spite of being sequestered, I found it very difficult to mentally concentrate on anything for a variety of personal reasons. In spite of making an effort, I did not accomplish either, and I still want to accomplish both.

What’s the longest-lasting UFO in your collection?
Anne: I have a few tops that need to be quilted, which is really more of finding someone to do it for me, or find a long arm to do it. I’m not sure what I will do with them, so not in a hurry. Other than the 365 quilt mentioned above, I don’t keep a lot of UFOs. As I’ve moved around a lot, I pretty much only keep around what I think I will really get to.

Do you have a preferred snack or beverage while you’re sewing? If so, what is it?
Anne: Hmm, not while sewing, but I love a good Gin and Tonic. I guess I don’t really snack that much.

What do you listen to or watch while you’re sewing? Do you have any recommendations to share?
Anne: I’ll often turn on the tv to things I’ve seen before, because I don’t have to pay too much attention. So I’ll watch movies I’ve seen a thousand times. Some favorites while quilting are: Big Chill, Bull Durham, Moonstruck.
I love music, all kinds in particular stuff from the 70s.
I love podcasts. I listen to true crime, science, anything by Malcolm Gladwell, and fun and interesting things. Some favorites: Broken Record (Malcolm Gladwell), Revisionist History (Malcolm Gladwell), Radiolab, S-Town, The Murder Squad

Member Spotlight: Marilyn Shake

Marilyn is a prolific quilter and enthusiastic member of our Guild. Be sure to scroll down for photos of Marilyn’s handiwork.

How did you first get involved with Boise Modern Quilt Guild?
Marilyn: My good friend Laura Pukstas suggested we attend a meeting and join. I usually do what Laura suggests so I joined. I’m very happy that I did because I have met so many interesting people.

What’s your first memory of something related to quilting or sewing?
Marilyn: When I was in the 6th grade, I received a Barbie doll and a canopy bed for her. I decided she needed a new bedspread and canopy topper so I got on the bus in Waterloo, Iowa and rode it to J.C. Penney to buy some fabric. I had never used a sewing machine but how hard could it be. My dad helped me with the threading and away I went. When it was time to add “puffiness” to the quilt I didn’t know what to use so I went downstairs to the dryer and cleaned out the dryer lint for the batting. I still have the quilt the topper, and canopy bed.

What’s your most memorable, or favorite, quilting project?
Marilyn: When I was in high school my mother suggested we make a quilt out of the leftover fabric from dresses I had made. My mother sewed up the whole quilt and had the ladies at church tie the quilt. There were a few blocks leftover that I recently made into 2 table runners for my daughters. Both of my daughters love the quilt that my mom made.

How would you describe your quilting design style or aesthetic?
Marilyn: Whatever I find interesting at the moment. I do like a challenge, it’s hard for me to make the same block over and over again; sampler quilts are a favorite.

What colors, shapes, fabrics do you gravitate to? What do you use most in your designs?
Marilyn: I love bright colors, blues and greens, oranges and reds, nothing drab. Tula Pink and Elizabeth Hartman fabrics are my favorites. I enjoy using Kona when it comes to solids.

Is there someone or something that has influenced your quilting?
Marilyn: My dear friend Laura has had a definite impact on my choices – she pushes me to try new things.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Marilyn: I enjoy putting weird fabric on the back of quilts – skeletons on the back of a floral for example.

What do you do when you aren’t quilting?
Marilyn: I might be taking a nap or having a glass of wine.

What are you working on now?
Marilyn: Currently I’m working on Moda Blockheads every Wednesday, a row-by-row quilt using Bonnie and Camille patterns, finishing a quilt top that contains hand embroidered blocks from the 1930s, to name a few.

What’s the project that you always intended to do (quilting or otherwise) but haven’t yet?
Marilyn: I want to make a double wedding ring using new technology. Still hopeful.

What’s the longest-lasting UFO in your collection?
Marilyn: My oldest UFO is about 30 years old. It’s made from mostly JoAnn’s fabrics before I knew about real quilt shops.

Do you have a preferred snack or beverage while you’re sewing? If so, what is it?
Marilyn: I always have a mug of water by my side, I snack on something crunchy like pretzels or crackers, Starburst jelly beans, a glass of wine…

What do you listen to or watch while you’re sewing? Do you have any recommendations to share?
Marilyn: I have a tv in my studio so I turn it on – HGTV, Lifetime, Hallmark, anything mindless. Sometimes I put on an old movie. I recently had on True Lies, and The Tourist.

March Meeting Recap

A big shout out to Angela Bowman at Sewfinity for hosting our meeting! We got a behind-the-scenes look at Angela’s creative quilt process, as well as her booming business, which specializes in solid fabrics and a carefully curated line of patterns and notions. Thanks Angela!


  • April 23 Trunk Show and Sew Day: Join us at the Boise Main Library, 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. in the William F. Hayes Memorial Auditorium (same location as our February meeting). We will be treated to a trunk show of modern-looking antique quilts from Lindsay Crouch of Ripley Clark antiques. There will also be time for show and tell as well as sewing, if you want to bring a project to work on.
  • May 21 Yard Sale: While you’re spring cleaning, consider what you might want to sell at a quilty yard sale. In lieu of a monthly meeting, we’ll join the East End Neighborhood Association for their annual sale (thanks to Lindsie’s friend for allowing us to use her front lawn on Warm Springs Boulevard!). All sale participants are asked to contribute 10% of the day’s earnings to the Warm Springs Historic. Plan to bring everything you need: table, chair, pricing info, change, snacks, etc. You can sell fabric, notions, completed quilts, craft items, books … whatever needs to find a new home. Watch for more details and sign up information coming next month!
  • Member Roster: If you’re interested in sharing your contact information with other members, we’re creating a share-able roster to be updated this spring. Watch for information on how to be listed.
  • Giving Back: Thanks to everyone for helping make quilts that are delivered to deserving organizations in our community! Anna and Jeri volunteered to help with deliveries (thank you!!) and we had a big stack of quilts turned in. Check out the Get ‘Er Done table at our next meeting to find fabric and blocks. You can assemble just the top, finish the quilting, or bring your own Get ‘Er Done quilt in progress and someone else can pick up the next step.


  • In addition to quilting, Lynne is a talented knitter and make this scarf as part of a knit-along.
  • Marilyn brought a stack of finished Get ‘er Done quilts and preprinted BMQG labels. If you need a label for one of the Get ‘er Done quilts you’re working on, pick one up at the next meeting.
  • Elizabeth finished a colorful Jennifer Sampou quilt.
  • Millissa showed a little sewing kit she designed and made (including the pattern!), inspired by a bakery takeout box; she also showed us how she’s taken to the art of Korean fabric wrapping. Pojagi is a piece of cloth where the seams are sewn allowing the fabric to be used for gift wrapping, transporting items, fashion, and home decor. The word refers both to the craft and to the cloth itself.
  • Fay is working with her church quilt group to make quilts using the Pineapple Quilt Block Foundation Paper blocks we received in last summer’s Sew Day swag bags. If you aren’t using yours, consider passing the pattern along to Fay for this project.
  • Carol A. completed a bright and cheerful rug from Tula Pink jelly roll fabric.
  • Deb recieved her paint chip challenge mini quilt, made by Linda J.
  • Carol made two Frank Lloyd Wright-inspired window quilts, which hang on either side of her fireplace at home, using the Jackie Robinson “Quilts in the Tradition of Frank Lloyd Wright“ book.
  • Karen’s organic, free-form quilts were made following Hilde Morin techniques; Karen managed two bonus pieces from her scraps!
  • Shelly showed her spring bloom quilt and received her paint chip mini quilt from Angela.
  • Jeri created a large fabric bowl.
  • Ginny showed a table runner using Jennifer Sampou’s sky fabric and pattern from the “Ombre Quilt” book.

Member Spotlight: Shelly Harshman

Our resident Sister of the Hex Shelly Harshman is in the Member Spotlight. She’s a long-serving member of the BMQG board, where she oversees all things Membership related. Shelly is quick-humored, and an accomplished quilter with a terrific eye for color.

How did you first get involved with Boise Modern Quilt Guild?
Shelly: I was looking for a smaller, more modern group to join. When I did a Google search, I was impressed with the colorful logo and the information about this group. I came to a meeting, and felt really welcome.

What’s your first memory of something related to quilting or sewing?
Shelly: My mom paid me to make summer shorts for my little sisters when I was around 12. I sewed all my skirts and blouses and dresses while I was in school. My mom was always sewing, and it’s been a part of my life as long as I can remember.

What’s your most memorable, or favorite, quilting project?
Shelly: My sisters and I made hexi quilts together. That will probably always be my favorite project. Sisters of the Hex rule!!

How would you describe your quilting design style or aesthetic?
Shelly: I love color, and trying something new. A pattern is just a place to start.

What colors, shapes, fabrics do you gravitate to? What do you use most in your designs?
Shelly: I love bright jewel tones, and super scrappy quilts – loads of surprising details to find. Curved blocks are a current favorite. I love a quilt pattern that you have to look at for a while to figure out how they put it together. I’m always up for a challenge.

Is there someone or something that has influenced your quilting?
Shelly: My mom was always sewing, but she’s not a quilter. I thought everybody had matching clothes and pajamas for their dolls. I learned my sewing skills from her. My Grandma Spencer was a quilter and I have wonderful memories of her hand quilting on wooden frames on the covered back patio at her home. Sadly, she passed away before I caught the quilting bug.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Shelly: Hmmm…. I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone and I drive a Mini Cooper.

What do you do when you aren’t quilting?
Shelly: I don’t understand the question.

What are you working on now?
Shelly: I’m free motion quilting the backlog of quilt tops that are hanging in my closet. I use my home machine to quilt them. I try to always have something to plan, something to piece, and something to quilt, and some handwork. I received a Featherweight for Christmas this year, and I’ve been loving piecing on it!

What’s the project that you always intended to do (quilting or otherwise) but haven’t yet?
Shelly: I want to make the La Passacaglia quilt. So far, I have a nice big pinterest board with ideas, and have ordered the book and papers.

What’s the longest-lasting UFO in your collection?
Shelly: I’m currently pretty caught up – I have quilt tops that need to be quilted, but the oldest is probably only a couple of years old. Covid has given me more time to work on projects.

Do you have a preferred snack or beverage while you’re sewing? If so, what is it?
Shelly: Dr. Pepper and peanut m&m’s.

What do you listen to or watch while you’re sewing? Do you have any recommendations to share?
Shelly: I love audiobooks and music. Movies on the iPad distract me unless it’s something I’ve seen a bunch of times. Mysteries and Clive Cussler adventures are favorites.

January 2022 Meeting Recap

It was great seeing everyone on Zoom, and we can’t wait to meet again in person!


  • Paint Chip Challenge & Swap have been tentatively moved to February. Watch for updates via email and Facebook. Want to join the swap? Send a note to and we’ll work on matching you with a partner. Please let us know by Friday (Jan. 28) if you want to join.
  • QuiltCon is coming to Phoenix, February 16-20. Are you going? Let us know if you want to meet in person there to exchange notes and finds!
  • Looking to later this year: Quilt Camp in the Sawtooths is still in the works for August 12-14, at Luther Heights Church Camp. And our Modern Quilt Walk in Ann Morrison Park is planned for Saturday, Sept. 10. Stay tuned for more details on both events.
  • If you haven’t yet paid your 2022 dues, please do so soon. We’re updating our roster of current members, and renewing your membership means you’ll get emails and updates about events and activities this year.

New year, new format for Club Mod! If you’ve joined before you know it’s a fun and casual way to connect virtually with friends from the comfort of your own sewing room. This year, we’re using Club Mod to focus on finishing Works in Progress (WIPs), and appreciate Cassie for the refresh idea! Here’s how it works:

  • Choose one of your WIPs to complete during Club Mod 2022.
  • We’re kicking it off Friday, Feb. 4 at 7 p.m. on Zoom.
  • Work on your WIP during Club Mod, or just join us for some socialization to go with your sewing.
  • Get ready to win a prize and enjoy the satisfaction of finishing!


  • Deb shared her WIP from an online class with Carolina Oneto on free form curves and color theory.
  • Carol showed her striped John James Fabrics Quilt from a Quilt Expressions pattern, as well as one of her three-leaf clover blocks she finished as part of her St. Patty’s Day quilt.
  • Fay finished three quilts from a friend’s one large UFO quilt; it’s been quite a project, but with beautiful results.
  • Valerie finished 20-year-old WIPs: a strip quilt and a picnic quilt. Congrats on getting those done! She also shared her jelly roll rug by RJ Designs and a strip quilt table topper.
  • Elizabeth finished a Project Bag from our last retreat. We also got a peek at a purse she is working on for her mother from a kit by Connecting Threads.
  • Kathy S. received a gift of a featherweight sewing machine extender with carrying case, and showed off her Kaffe Fassett quilt.
  • Karen F. shared her Edyta Sitar mystery quilt using a textured linen fabric line. From the leftover blocks she made another fabulous quilt. She also shared a Birch Fabric quilt made from a Quilt Expressions scrap busters pattern, as well as blocks from her 2021 temperature quilt, which she is still working on.

We exchanged lots of ideas on organizing WIPs and Unfinished Objects (UFOs), acknowledging it could be fun (and maybe a little bit intimidating) to evaluate and prioritize projects. Some resources we discussed include:


Member Spotlight: Millissa Masters

We’re featuring Millissa Masters in this month’s Member Spotlight and to the BMQG Board, where she’ll serve as our new Secretary. Since she joined BMQG, Millissa jumped in with both feet and we’re so glad she did!

How did you first got involved in with Boise Modern Quilt Guild?
Millissa: I first got involved with BMQG through the suggestion of Linda Jolly. We were at a Boise Basin Quilt Guild meeting, talking about groups and I took her recommendation to heart. Here I am!

What’s your most memorable, or favorite, quilting project?
Millissa: Moon Kitty, which I loved creating as my first attempt at an Ann Brauer inspired piece. Besides, it won a Judge’s Choice ribbon at the last Boise Basin Quilt Show.

How would you describe your quilting design style or aesthetic?
Millissa: My quilting style/ aesthetic is what I would describe as boundaryless. Is that a word? I’m one to always want to learn new techniques and play with scraps which will turn into who knows what.

What colors, shapes, fabrics do you gravitate to? What do you use most in your designs?
Millissa: Colors/ shapes and fabrics in my designs?? Ha! Everything!! No seriously everything!!

Is there someone or something that has influenced your quilting?
Millissa: I was originally introduced to quilting by a 90+ year old neighbor, Mary, in Redmond, OR during 2009. We only were there 6 months out of the year, but we played in her garden, and she transformed the way I looked at fabric and color. She was a kick in the pants old gal and loved the strong bright colors, which definitely encouraged my direction in color choice.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Millissa: Not sure, but I am a thrift store, antique junkie who loves estate sales, yard sales and old junk shops.

What do you do when you aren’t quilting?
Millissa: When not quilting I love to play in the kitchen, baking & cooking. Or playing with the kitties who keep me on my toes.

What are you working on now?
Millissa: Now, I’m working on 5 different projects at the same time. Just a little scattered??

What’s the project that you always intended to do (quilting or otherwise) but haven’t yet?
Millissa: There are many in my head that I haven’t gotten down on paper, and they keep coming.

What’s the longest-lasting UFO in your collection?
Millissa: Its somewhere at the bottom of one of my piles and its so old I can’t remember what it is!!!! HAHAHA

Member Spotlight: Kathy Stockton

We’re welcoming Kathy Stockton to the BMQG Board, where she’ll serve as our new Treasurer. In addition to the skills she brings to the board, Kathy’s sense of humor means she’s plain fun to be around.

How did you first get involved in with Boise Modern Quilt Guild?
Kathy: I became involved with the Boise Modern Quilt Guild through a friend from a quilting class. She invited me to a meeting and told me all about how modern quilting was so freeing, that there were no rules! Of course, she was wrong. There are always rules. Because my sister was heavily involved with the Boise Basin Quilters Guild, and I wanted to be involved with a quilting group separate from my sister, I decided to join the Boise Modern Quilt Guild, even if there are rules to modern quilting. I joined in the fall of 2012.

What’s your first memory of something related to quilting or sewing?
Kathy: My mother taught me how to sew in grade school and I did NOT enjoy garment sewing. Her mother and grandmother (my grandmother and great-grandmother) both made quilts, and that was what I wanted to do, but my mother was not supportive. This was back when garment sewing was a way to save money, so it was encouraged. I made my first quilt (tied) in my junior high home economics class, and gave it to my sister for Christmas.

What’s your most memorable, or favorite, quilting project?
Kathy: I started a quilt made from primary colors for a grand-nephew and decided that I wanted to keep it, which I did. I had fallen in love with the fabrics and the backing fabric. I entered it at the Western Idaho Fair and won a first place blue ribbon. Now I can’t even use that quilt since it’s an award-winning – with the ribbon firmly attached – quilt!

How would you describe your quilting design style or aesthetic?
Kathy: I like using patterns but when I have fabrics that I like together, I have been known to design my own quilt. If I find a pattern I like, I will make that quilt until I get tired of the design. I like the idea of triangles more than the execution of triangles. Because I have my quilts finished by my long-arm quilter, I have learned that a smaller quilt is less expensive to quilt, so I mostly make lap size or twin size quilts, although I will make larger quilts for special occasions, like weddings or graduations.

What colors, shapes, fabrics do you gravitate to? What do you use most in your designs?
Kathy: I basically do my own thing, which is apparently purchasing fabric. HA! I enjoy bright fabrics but sometimes I am drawn to colors that aren’t nearly that bright, which always surprised me. I am drawn to Alexander Henry fabrics although lately I’m finding that there actually are other designers out there that I like. My sister is drawn to very different fabrics, generally more subdued colors, and I am constantly amazed that we have such different tastes.

Is there someone or something that has influenced your quilting?
Kathy: The two people that have influenced my quilting the most are Teri Brown and my quilter, Ronald. Teri convinced me to buy a Bernina Quilters Edition sewing machine, and I began taking classes at Quilt Crossing, including her Project Runway class, where you worked on any garment or quilting project, and she was there to help you. One of the classes I took was Ronald’s Open Sewing class, and that class gave me the time and confidence to branch out to designing my own quilts rather than just buying kits. That class and his help more than anything else helped me to become the quilter I am today.

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
Kathy: I generally give away every quilt I make and also have given away my left kidney.

What do you do when you aren’t quilting?
Kathy: I should say organizing my fabric or cleaning my house, but probably reading books or watching television with my husband. I also sing with the Boise Phil Master Chorale and play violin in the Serenata community orchestra.

What are you working on now?
Kathy: I tend to work on one project at a time unless something intervenes like a wedding quilt or other time-sensitive project. I am starting back on a quilt I am making for my husband’s oldest niece and her husband. It is a kit I bought over 2 years ago and have everything cut out. I’m to the part where I have to make half-square triangles.

What’s the project that you always intended to do (quilting or otherwise) but haven’t yet?
Kathy: I started digitizing all my parents’ slides into a digital format over 10 years ago. There must be 30 or 40 boxes with about 100 slides in each box. I have a contraption that allows me to upload 4 slides at a time. I do intend to get back to this project, but after I scan all my printed photos and upload those for my daughter-in-law.

What’s the longest-lasting UFO in your collection?
Kathy: I generally finish one project before I start another one, but I do have some pillow cases that I started back in 2010. The idea was to make pillowcases to go with the wedding quilt I made for my son and daughter-in-law. Someday I will finish them.

Do you have a preferred snack or beverage while you’re sewing? If so, what is it?
Kathy: I try not to eat anything when I am quilting or sewing, but I always have a glass of water. Not very exciting, but keeps me hydrated. And if I spill water, it’s not a big deal.

What do you listen to or watch while you’re sewing? Do you have any recommendations to share?
Kathy: Because I tend to listen rather than watch, I like to “watch” shows that I have seen before. I recently finished re-watching all the seasons of Downton Abbey. I also like to “watch” silly shows that don’t require my full attention, such as Brooklyn 99, or Corner Gas. I’ve seen all the Corner Gas episodes but will start over at the beginning because they are pretty funny. If you haven’t seen Corner Gas, I highly recommend it. It’s a Canadian television show set in Saskatchewan, and is available on IMDB television or I have all the DVDs if anyone would like to borrow them. I also enjoy Spongebob Squarepants.

2021 Annual Meeting Recap

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Annual Meeting and our extended conversation with Daisy Aschehoug of Warm Folk!

Annual Meeting

Here are a few highlights of what we covered:

  • 2021 Recap: Lindsie guided us through a look back at our year. Wow! There BMQG was an active and agile group. Members, check your email for details.
  • Dues: Dues remain at $20/year; renew or join by December 8. It’s easy to pay online! Just go to the Boise Modern Quilt Guild Membership page and use the PayPal option.
  • Board Changes: Welcome to new Board members Millissa Masters, who will serve as Secretary, and Kathy Stockton, Treasurer! We’re thrilled to have the energy and skills these two offer. We’re equally appreciative of outgoing officers Cassie Koerner (Secretary) and Sally Bradley (Treasurer) who helped make the business end of our organization run so well and be so fun.
  • New earlier meeting time: Based on feedback, our Saturday meetings will be moved up to 10 a.m. beginning in early 2022.
  • Meeting locations: We’ll meet inside for upcoming meetings, wear masks regardless of vaccination status, and be in locations with space to spread out (this applies for sew days and shorter meetings alike). When the weather is great and we want to meet out in the park, we’ll do that.
  • Social media: Join BMQG and other members on Instagram! Look for @boisemqg or #boisemqg, and connect with other members between meetings.


Show & Tell

Here’s a sampling of what we shared:

  • Yowza, Nancy Seid got a new machine! She said it’s like dating again, getting to know her new Juki, and we’re glad to hear she’s taking it slow.
  • Gwen made the cutest pouch for her granddaughter’s ballet shoes, using Tula Pink fabric that was made for this very thing.
  • Deb showed the rainbow quilt she’s working on for a family member.
  • Marilyn wowed the crowd with her Tula Pink nesting baskets, that just kept on going!
  • Linda Jolly shared her Christmas quilt completed with fabrics from the summer quilt camp raffle.
  • Lindsie demonstrated her true get’er done attitude with an orphan block baby quilt finish.
  • Karen Falvey sprinkled in some Christmas spirit by showcasing her finished presents quilt, fresh from the long armer.
  • Carol impressed everyone with her patience in quilting her striped top.

What’s Ahead

  • December: Enjoy the Holidays! No Club Mod this month or next, but join us in 2022 for an updated Club Mod (hint: money, UFOs and prizes are part of the deal).
  • January 22: After-Holiday Party, Swap & Sew Day (9:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.): Join us for an all-day sew fest, featuring the Paint Chip Challenge swap and a salad bar potluck! Watch for details, come ready to help with set up and then get ready for so. much. fun.

Guild T-Shirts Still Available!

If you’re interested in snagging one of those sassy t-shirts passed out at summer Quilting Day Camp, you still have time to order. These seriously soft shirts by JamesAlanTees are designed by our own Lindsie Bergevin. Member only pricing of $30/shirt. Check out options and place your order here.