As always, our members brought great completed projects to share with the group.

The Improv Round Robin was so much fun!!! Despite the nerves and lack of rulers we were able to successfully complete the round robin while chatting the entire time.

To begin we each took about 15 minutes to put together our own improv piece. when the time was up, we passed it around along with our container of scraps. We used scraps to add to each person’s improv piece, also adding our “signature” fabric. By the end of class we all worked on everyone’s piece a few times.  We ended up with such unique pieces!

Angela shared many videos of the process on Instagram, and compiled the short videos into one.  Enjoy!

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  1. I am in the Orlando MOQ and dropped by your site….I LOVE your creativity especially the Improv Round Robin….I posted it on our Facebook hoping to inspire our group to give it a go as well!

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